Living in the Trees

by Jeff Roberts

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The Emperor's Clothes Jeff Roberts Copyright 2017 i just heard the news did you hear it? right from the horses mouth can you feel it? all the things that are happening here in this town it's enough to bring a good man down but I'm hanging around to see the last of the clan defeated step right up get in line enjoy the show you've never seen anything as fine as the emperor's clothes take a look outside you're a lucky man you know you're never gonna buy more time with the best of plans it's falling sand start picking your head up when you get up in the morning sun start living with a litmus mind just get behind the man with the gun wait now the story's changing minute by minute we were just joking well you just don't get it do I have to remind every south bound horse has a northern side I'm back here with the kitchen help 'cause they're keeping a taste right there on the shelf we won't live to regret it cause we won't let it take away our soul & pride and I'd say the chances of a lightning strike are getting pretty high what will you do when we find out the truth and decide to make a lasting example of you?
Living in the Trees Jeff Roberts – Copyright© 2011 you’re coming out anyway but don’t try to find me in any of the usual places but in all of them outside of the physical we are free to belong to everything that we’ve ever loved in the evening light I’m living in the trees and there’s just no way I can tell you how good it feels to be in the sunlight my life was a hard road but every step I had to take was on the way home same old song another woman come and gone every one of them still a part of me you could never be sure if I was lost or you were I look at the typical life like a prison cell brother you will never know until love brings you back again what you gave to me means everything these things falling through your hands never last for anyone life is a sacrifice and we’re fine now
I Will Be Redeemed Copyright 2017 Jeff Roberts there's a tree in Georgia that never should have grown it held the bodies upright they were tied with rope I will be redeemed I will sing and shout and I will be restored just not now May Marie was twenty four heavy with a child when her head had fallen down they cut the baby out forty legs that walked away forty eyes that saw twenty souls that never said a word to the Georgia law nineteen ninety seven fifty years had gone someone came to find the place and mark the dead with stones
What You Do 03:16
What You Do Copyright © 2013 Jeff Roberts it's all clear to me now this is what you do when you're standing on the side of the road with nothing waiting for the rain to fall she said I want you tonight and that was all it's all clear to me now coming through like a lightning flash someone must have told you by now there's only so much luck to go around took a look outside your own mind everyone is dreaming of another town I had a vision silent as snowfall suddenly she was standing there just like I'd dreamed it's so clear to me now every brow has the mark of Cain out there on the pavements now there are monsters in the light of day don't let it change your mind they will fade away


released July 23, 2020


all rights reserved



Jeff Roberts Charlottesville, Virginia

Jeff Roberts is a songwriter, singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist from Virginia and other undisclosed locations.

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